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How Do I?
Adopt a Cat / Dog
Learn how you can adopt a cat or a dog at the local animal shelter.

Apply For a Job
Discover how you can apply for a job for the City of Winchester.

Get a Building Permit
Check out the steps you will need to take in order to obtain a building permit with the city.

Get a Copy of a Birth / Death Certificate
Explore what you will need in order to get a copy of a birth or death certificate.

Participate in a Class / Camp
Register to participate in either a class or a camp.

Register to Vote
Read about what you will need to do in order register to vote in the up coming election.

Rent a Facility
Gain details on how you can rent one of our fine facilities in Winchester.

Report a Code Violation
Find out how you can report a code violation to the City of Winchester.

View FAQs
Peruse through frequently asked questions by department and see what the answer is to these questions.

View the Municipal Code
Look through the city's municipal code.