Fireworks Retail Sales Requirements

Note: You may not sell fireworks prior to passing the fire marshal’s inspection.  Fireworks sales are June 27th to July 6th and December 30th to January 1st from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

You must be 18 years of age to sell or purchase fireworks.

Procedures to Obtain a Fireworks License

Transient Merchants (Seasonal Retailers)

  • Transient Merchants need to pick up a fireworks packet from City Hall. Packet Information
  • This packet contains:
    • City Business License Application
    • "Tent" Sign Permit Application
    • Fireworks Checklist
    • City Fireworks Ordinance

Existing Businesses (Permanent Retailer)

  • Existing Businesses in Winchester must first contact the local Fire Marshal to see if their facility meets NFPA 1124 standards if they plan to sell Class "C" Consumer Fireworks. (DOT Packaged Labeled 1.4G)
  • Fireworks cannot be sold in multi-tenant buildings (i.e., strip malls, multi-floored buildings, etc.)
  • If the facility DOES NOT meet NFPA 1124 standards, then the existing building owner must follow the Transient Merchant procedures with the exception of the City Business License Application.